12 Apr 2018

    Minor Release Update

    The idtPlans development team has been working hard to both make improvements to system performance, as well as implement a variety of client feature requests. Here’s a brief rundown of the improvements and new features that you may have missed.

    General System Improvements

    • Improved Date and Time Validation
    • Several performance improvements to improve response times
    • Caching improvements
    • Added the ability to export project data to CSV or XML.
    • Account Management
      • Improved the forgot password feature to make resetting passwords easier and more secure
      • Enforce password complexity requirements
      • Added tips for creating a secure password
    • Reports
      • Added two additional filters to the review processing report, Applicant & Discipline(s).
      • Added contact and company information to ad-hoc report views.

    Plan Review

    • Review Cycle Modal Compatibility Improvements for IE
    • Ability to output project checklists in a custom document.
    • Workflow
      • ability to customize the text on the decline review button
      • ability to customize the text on the approve review button
      • ability to hide decline button for chained workflows
      • ability to chain revision requests
    • Project Activity
      • Improved layout to be more readable and information dense
      • Added additional activity logging for document processes
      • Add additional detail for existing document logging
    • Project Notes
      • Notes feature improved to include two tabs: All Notes & My Notes
      • Formatting of notes improved
      • Added functionality to include project notes into custom documents and comment letters.
    • Applicant Overview
      Improved to show all applicant related information into 3 tabs
    • Document Uploads
      You can now define a submittal upload policy for each workflow:

      • Required – display a modal warning window notifying the user that no documents were submitted and provide buttons to upload now.
      • Requested – display a modal warning window notifying the user that no documents were submitted and provide buttons to upload now or continue without uploading.
      • Optional – do nothing allow them to confirm without warning.


    • Added inspection request details to confirmation email

    ArcGIS Integration

    • Address & Parcel Pseudo Composite Locator
      This is a new feature that can take two location layers such as parcel and address and combine them into one user friendly form field.  Users can enter a “Project Location” as either an address or parcel and the system will automatically suggest matching parcels and addresses.  When the applicant selects a location the property information is automatically pulled.
    • Formatting Improvements
      Whenever a project location is entered whether its by address or parcel, both the address and parcel are displayed.
    • Reviewer Assignments By Location
      This feature allows reviewers to be assigned based on project location.  Reviewers and locations are managed through a GIS layer.







    27 Feb 2018

    Major Release Update

    As we continue in our commitment to provide an open architecture and integrations of complimentary 3rd party products and services, a major release has been scheduled for 2/27/18 at 12:00 pm EST.  This update addresses some major improvements to the idtPlans API as well as the internal event handler system and represents a significant improvement in the 2 way integrations of:

    • Cityworks PLL
    • Infor IPS
    • Laserfiche

    In addition  we have recently added the following features and functions:

    • The ability to customize approve and decline action button text.
    • You can now chain a revision request to the original workflow requiring an automatic full re-review.
    • Improvements to the fee calculation logic.
    • Improvements to filters on the plan review efficiency report.
    • Additional information available for Ad-Hoc reports.
    • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
    31 Aug 2017
    03 Aug 2017

    Major Release Update

    The idtPlans development team has been working hard to both make improvements to system performance, as well as implement a variety of client feature requests. Here’s a brief rundown of the improvements and new features that you may have missed.

    General System Improvements

    • Time Zone Localization
      This one has been active for a while now. You may have noticed that all system date/time stamps are now localized to your specific time zone. You can change your time zone at any time by editing your account preferences.
    • Performance Improvements
      We continually monitor system performance and work hard to proactively apply performance updates. Here are some of the most resource consuming processes that were vastly improve.

      • project information page
      • custom variables
      • custom document generation
      • Issue Attachments
      • Offline Technology for iPad

    Plan Review

    • Post Approval Uploads
      An optional feature that allows an applicant to submit documents after a project has been approved. This is useful if they need to provide any supporting documentation during the inspection or construction process.
    • Withhold Documents
      Many clients have asked for the ability to create approval documents, certificates, and stamp plans but not release those documents to the applicant until all fees have been paid. This feature was created specifically to do just that.  Once a project is approved, an administrator can complete their work by stamping documents, and generating the appropriate certificates but withhold these documents from the applicant.  Once the applicant pays their final fees, these documents automatically become available to them without any administrative action needed.
    • Static Issue Numbering
      Issues have always had a numbering sequence. This was a handy way to identify which issue someone was referring to within a comment letter or at a point in time.  These identifiers were not consistent though and could change during the life of the project.  After much consideration, we’ve decided to make these identifiers static numbers that will no longer change during the life of the project.  This should help to reduce any confusion between review cycles.
    • Reduce Duplicate Submittals
      Occasionally applicants would inadvertently create duplicate submittals. We’re now proactively attempting to prevent this by automatically detecting any pending submittals and asking the applicant if they would like to continue with an existing submittal, or begin a new one.
    • Round Robin Reviewer Assignments
      You can now default a workflow to several members of the same discipline and have them automatically assigned sequentially. If a new project comes in, the first reviewer will be assigned.  On subsequent reviews, that same reviewer is auto-assigned to leverage their existing knowledge of the project.  When another new project comes in the next reviewer in line will be auto-assigned.  An administrator can manually override the round robin assignment at any time.

    Fees & E-Commerce

    • e-Checks
      We’ve added the option to pay fees via e-check in addition to credit cards, or offline payments. This feature has been in production for several months now and is working very well.  The merchant processing fees for e-checks are much lower than that of credit cards and encourages the online payment of large fees.
    • New Feature to Categorize Fees
      This feature improves the way that fees are accessed and applied manually. Often times certain departments are in charge of their own fees.  By categorizing them by department, we can now provide a short list of fees, as well as output fees by category.  Some clients need applicants to make offline payments with more than one check made out to different departments.  This new feature facilitates that automatically.

      • Improved fee reporting output by category
      • Added custom variables for fee totals by category
    • Improvements to Service Charges
      We’ve added the ability to create service charge formulas based on payment type. For example, if a user pays by credit card, you may wish to apply a 3% convenience fee to account for processing charges.  If a user pays by e-check you may need to base your service charge on another formula such as ($2.00 + .75%).  Fees are now recalculated every time a payment method is changed to apply the correct service charge if any.
    • Improvements to Fee Auditing and Reporting
      We’ve added sequential identifiers to all transactions to better conform with auditing requirements. We’ve had unique identifiers all along but they will now be sequential (Reference ID).  Additionally, we’ve added functionality to apply credits back to transactions that may have withdrawn an application.


    • Improvements to inspection report formatting
    • Added administrative functionality to edit inspection requests
    • Added inspection overview filters modeled after plan review
    • Reduced emails sent out when multiple inspections are requested at once.
    • New feature to categorize inspections by department

    Coming Soon!

    • Cityworks Integration – final testing stage.
    • Hansen Integration
    • Homeowner Registration Improvements
    • GIS Mapping
    • Round Robin Inspector Assignments
    10 Oct 2016

    Development News

    This development cycle was a short one but packed full of valuable improvements that should help to increase productivity for Plan Reviewers as well as Applicants.

    Improved issue/comment organization when saving out of Bluebeambb-color-code

    We’ve made some dramatic improvements to the automatic comment synchronization when saving markups within Bluebeam.  You now have the ability to configure how the issues are categorized and grouped within the comment letter.  Available options are to group by: Author Name, Assigned Discipline, Discipline Color Code, or Static Text. The discipline color coding is especially helpful and allows review teams to customize their bluebeam tool set to color match their discipline.  For example, any markups made in red might always fall under the Fire discipline and be grouped that way within the comment letter.  Additionally you can configure and prioritize multiple fallback options just in case a category cannot be automatically determined.   For example, you might decide to group comments by color code, but if a markup is created that does not match any discipline’s color code, you can fall back to the reviewers assigned discipline as a category.  Color coding also makes it easy for the applicant to spot which discipline’s comments are on a given page.

    In addition we’ve also added the following features:

    • Improved Comment Synchronization
      Bluebeam markups are now filtered so that only the following markup types will be added into the comment letter:

      • Text Box
      • Callout
      • Cloud+
      • Typewriter
    • Improved Markup Page Identification
      We’re now recording exactly which page a markup resides on.  The page number and sheet title are now displayed next to that issue within the comment letter.  When an applicant clicks on the document title, they’re automatically forwarded to the page that the comment resides on as long as they’re viewing the markup in a pdf viewer that supports document page linking (Adobe, Chrome, Firefox).
    • Bulk Parcel/Address entry feature
      allows applicants to copy and paste hundreds of parcels and or addresses at once instead of entering them one by one.
    • Mandatory / Recommended Issues
      You now have the availability to mark an issue as mandatory or recommended.  Existing clients will see no change here unless you turn the feature on.  Once turned on, you’ll see that all issues are mandatory by default but you can change them to recommended (optional).
    • Configure Default Inspection Emails
      You can now customize the default emails that are sent when an inspection is approved, declined, or conditionally approved.  Each inspection result type can have it’s own default email.
    • Asynchronously Modify Planholders
      The planholders feature has been modified to sort confirmed and unconfirmed bidders into one table.  Confirmed bidders are now highlighted in green.  You can now modify the state of the planholders (confirmed/unconfirmed) or their email preferences without the page needing to refresh the between each change.


    We’re currently working on:

    • Time Zone Localization
    • Improvements to Reports
    • Additional E-Commerce Integrations
    • Infrastructure Improvements
    21 Sep 2016

    Development News

    You’ve asked for new features and we’ve been listening.  During the last several months we’ve been working hard to implement many new feature requests and improve system wide performance.  Here’s a short list of some of the improvements that have recently been added.

    • Workflows
      • Added functionality to attach administrative forms to the following workflow events
        • On Review Approved
        • On Review Declined
        • On Review Waived
      • You can now set the review cycle due date as a required field.
      • You can now set a default review cycle due date N workdays from the date that it’s assigned.
      • Added the ability to copy workflow forms from one workflow to another.
      • You can now customize the default email text to the applicant on the following workflow events
        • On Initial Submittal
        • On Resubmittal
    • Applications
      • Added the ability to customize the application agreement text that is required to be checked off before submitting an application.
      • Added a published column to easily identify those application types that are available to the publis vs those that are still in testing.
    • Project Stages
      • You can now drag and drop stages in order to change the sort order.
      • You can now configure stages to send a reminder email to the project administrator N hours before they’re flagged as late.
      • Stage date history is now recorded for the life of the project.
    • Performance
      • Plan review overview views have been optimized for better performance.
      • Project search feature has been optimized for better performance.
      • Site and custom document logos are now responsive.
      • Improved performance when creating system generated pdf files.
      • Implemented an email queue service to improve performance when sending emails.
    • Fees
      • Added a new length function for more flexibility when assessing fees.
      • Updated fee help text with more formula examples.
    • Integrations
      • Added authorize.net integration.
      • Added Fire RMS integration.
    • Documents
      • Added the ability to merge PDF files from the user interface.
      • Added Bluebeam batch stamp functionality from within the user interface.

    We hope that you find these new additions useful and we’re working hard on another batch of upcoming improvements including:

    • Better adobe commenting support when saving out of Bluebeam.
    • Better organization of issues when creating markups in Bluebeam.
    • Bulk Parcel/Address entry and validation.
    • Customizing default emails sent from the new inspections system.
    • Asynchronously adding/removing planholders.
    • & lots more!

    We thank you for your continued support and please keep the great suggestions coming!

    20 Jul 2016

    Join Us At The 2016 NCBIA Annual Conference

    Join us as we unveil idtPlans Inspections, the newest member to the idtPlans suite of applications.  We’ll be at the North Carolina Building Inspector’s Association Annual Conference in Atlantic Beach NC on July 25th demonstrating the very latest in inspection and electronic plan review technology.  Designed from the ground up for mobile devices and iPads to work online or offline, idtPlans Inspections is a must-have for any agency or jurisdiction that performs inspections.

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