Permit Management Software That Makes It Easy

Permits should be easy to create, track, and manage in your online platform. When idtPlans set out to create a permitting solution, we wanted to be sure we met the needs of our clients. With idtPlans Permits, you can create and track permits with just a few simple clicks.  But there’s more to it than just creating and tracking. We also built in tools to help you manage fees, violations, conditions of approval, and more — all in one location. It’s never been easier.

idtPlans Permits

Users can follow the pre-determined workflow for each permit or choose to manage the permit outside of the standard process. This flexible interface allows permits to be issued on the fly without holding up an entire approval process and keeps the control in the hands of the managing jurisdiction.

Create permits and associate them with specific types of projects. The system uses this information to automate standard permits and allows users to manage them from directly within the project page. The end result? We keep all your data in one location from initial application, all the way to Certificate of Occupancy.

The Permit Detail Manager is your one-stop shop for addressing everything from fees, to corresponding inspections, to current permit status and so much more. Use it to keep track of and manage all of the details related to your permit, making it easy to update throughout the permit life cycle.

Use the Document Template Manager to generate high quality permits, certificates, and letters quickly and easily. Documents are output complete with project specific information and indexed to the project, permit, or inspection record and version controlled. No more typing the data into existing forms or word documents, everything is populated for you – making document creation as quick as a click.

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