25 Feb

Minor Release Update and Scheduled Maintenance

A minor release update and server maintenance are scheduled to begin on Saturday February 27th at 12:00 AM EST.  We expect the application to be fully operational within ten minutes.  This update includes:

  • Time Tracking
    • UI enhancements – allow reviewers to quickly view any existing time tracking entries for the current review cycle, and add/edit entries easily before closing a review cycle.
    • Time tracking report – improved formatting.
  • Address Book
    • Share entries with company members – allow company members to share address book entries with other members of the same company.  You will not see a difference in the behavior of the address books regarding sharing unless you take action to enable one or more of the new permission types.  Two new permission types have been created:
      • View other company members entries – allows a user or group to view the address book entries that were created by members of the same parent company.
      • Edit & Delete other company member entries – allows a user or group to edit and/or delete address book entries that were created by members of the same parent company.
    • Update transmittals, print orders, and permit applications to use modal address book data entry to improve consistency, performance, and user experience.
  • Custom Documents
    • Added support for outputting documents to ms word format in addition to pdf.
    • Fixed and improved some user interface issues regarding the creation of templates and custom documents.
    • Rewrite of the custom document model to improve performance.
    • Added granular control of how dynamic form data is output.  You can now determine exactly which forms are output on a particular document.
    • Added granular control of how permit application general information is output.  You can now choose to include or exclude this information from a particular document.

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