03 Feb

Minor Release Update and Scheduled Maintenance

A minor release update and server maintenance are scheduled to begin on Friday February 3rd at 12:00 AM EST.  We expect the application to be fully operational within thirty minutes.  This update includes:

  • ADFS Integration.  Allows administrators to log into the system using their existing Active Directory sign on.
  • Remember me feature pre-populates username/email upon request
  • Support for logging in with username/password or email/password
  • Improvements to the form designer including new form element types
    • GIS co-locator support
    • Project tracking numbers
    • Enhanced email validation
  • Added functionality to publish/un-publish application types, allowing administrators to test new forms easily before making them public.
  • Improve fuzzy project searches to include tracking numbers, city, state, & title.
  • Added functionality for “Office Use Only” form fields.  You can now create custom forms and attach them to specific events within the workflow.  For example, you might want to require an administrator to manually input data when a project is accepted for review.
  • New merge field: <CurrentReviewCycleDue>.  Outputs the due date of the current review cycle.
  • HTTPS encryption for [subdomain].idtplans.com
  • Improvements to error handling for extremely large file uploads.
  • Some minor performance enhancements.
  • Fix an issue with unchecked checklist items.

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