Plan Review Without Limitations

idtPlans has been innovating and leading the way in electronic plan review software since 2001.

Electronic Plan Review significantly shortens the plan review process while reducing paper requirements by more than 90% in most cases. Project owners fill out their applications, submit their documents, and pay fees using the online portal, available 24/7. Once the submittal package is confirmed, Plan Reviewers are instantly notified and begin marking up and commenting on documents. It’s that easy.

Plan Management Features

Plan Review Dashboard

The plan review dashboard is a customizable view of the active projects within the system.  Administrators can quickly spot bottlenecks or overdue projects and see if any disciplines or reviewers are overloaded.  Reviewers see their own personal to-do list sorted by due date and manage the projects that they are assigned to.

Concurrent Reviews

Reduce review times by up to 60% with concurrent reviews.  Reviewers are no longer constrained by physical plan sets. Comments and document markups are automatically organized into professional comment letter templates that link to document markups for easy reference.

Version Control

Automatic version control ensures that reviewers are always working on the correct document.  Only the most recent version of a document is shown, but at any point in time authorized users may click on the document version indicator to view all prior versions of a document along with the date/time stamp of the revision and the name of the author.

Access Plans Anywhere

Users in the field have anytime access to all documents and versions. Field workers may work online or offline to markup as-builts and upload to the system as an official record.

Automate and Track Emails

Applicants and contractors are sent automatic email notifications at every major workflow milestone keeping them informed without any administrative overhead.  All emails are recorded and indexed within the project, providing a clear and searchable audit trail for all project related correspondence.

Markup Tools for the Next Generation

Comment Library

Save commonly used plan review or inspection comments to the comment library for easy re-use by an individual review or group.   Comments can even contain links to your online code manuals.

Professional Markup, Measurement, and Comparison Tools

Review plans on screen using Bluebeam toolsets.  Add comments, easily scale and measure documents, and compare documents in seconds. Overlay two or more different documents to get a more complete picture of the project at hand.

Batch Stamping

Once a review is approved, simply select the documents that you would like to stamp and apply a customized stamp with one click.  Transparent stamps are automatically applied to all pages in the same location and can include the author’s name and date/time stamp.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Customized Checklists

Create or import your own checklists to standardize reviews and ensure that nothing is missed.  Include links to the online code manual so that a failed checklist item automatically provides a reference to the official documentation without having to type.


We’re committed to providing key metrics and analytics in a way that’s meaningful to you and your department. Create your own filter sets and save reports for easy re-use.  Don’t see the data you need?  Our team of developers regularly create custom reports that display the information that you need in a visual way.

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