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idtPlans has been innovating and leading the way in electronic plan review software (EPR) since 2001.  Electronic Plan Review has been shown to significantly shorten the plan review process while reducing paper requirements by more than 90% in most cases.  We work with you to convert your existing permit applications to intelligent online forms; eliminating the need to re-key data. Project owners can fill out their applications, submit their documents, and pay fees 24/7. Once the submittal package has been confirmed, Plan Reviewers are instantly notified and begin marking up and commenting on documents. Once all reviewers have marked their work as complete, an administrator is automatically notified. All reviewer comments are organized by sheet and department and then compiled into a customizable PDF correction letter with one click. The correction letter is then sent back to the applicant and permission is granted to upload the second submittal repeating the process until the project is approved.  Batch stamp the documents with one click and the applicant can print out their approved drawings and even schedule for inspections from any mobile device.


Dramatically improve visibility of departmental performance.  Quickly view which projects are under review and check their status.  Easily spot bottlenecks before they become problems.

Leverage our built-in reports and customize them to meet your needs, OR easily connect to our back end with the reporting suite of your choice for ad-hoc reports.

Customize workflows to automatically route projects, notifications, and instructions to reviewers and owners.  Chain workflows together to accommodate even the most complex of processes.

Design your correction letter template once and the system will automatically merge the project information into an easy to read pdf document complete with a list of open issues that need to be addressed.


Reviewers see all projects that they’re assigned to review along with their respective due dates.  Use the built in dashboard or create your own personalized views.

Each reviewer has their own clear layer and can only edit their own markups.  Reviewers work simultaneously without fear of overwriting each others comments.  Easily cloud, color, measure, and make text annotations on any document.

Easily compare revisions by using either the synchronized side by side view, or use the document overlay feature to see what has changed.

Import or build your own comment library.  Reviewers can use their own library or share standardized comments with other department members.  When an issue needs to be resolved, simply select or edit an existing comment instead of copying and pasting from word.


Applicants have their own view of every project that they have submitted.  Instantly reduce or eliminate questions about project status and due dates.  Applicants have one central location to manage new projects, resubmittals, and revisions.

Applicants can now work at their own pace and have accessibility even from remote locations.  Many times architects, engineers, and owners are not in close proximity.  Applicants can invite others to submit their portion of the documents and respond to comments that lie in their area of responsibility.

Depending on your workflow settings, applicants are automatically notified when key milestones are reached.  Applicants instantly know when a project has been accepted for review, declined, or approved and have clear instructions as to what is next.

Comment letters are compiled automatically and organized by discipline and sheet.  Applicants receive an organized list of issues that need to be resolved complete with links to the document markups.

IT Administrators

When it comes to service and support, idtPlans truly stands alone. We provide unlimited support to administrators, reviewers, and applicants alike. Our world class support is what ensures your success. Simply put: When you look good, we look good.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all software.   idtPlans prides ourselves in our open architecture and dedication to provide dynamic solutions for unique needs.  Every agency is different and has their own set of existing software, regulations, and challenges.  We’re here to work through those with you every step of the way.

Our system infrastructure is backed by Amazon Web Service’s rock solid hosting technology and data centers. Elastic load balancing, redundant databases, multiple availability zones, and automatic backups ensure that your data is secure, reliable, and readily available.

idtPlans is not only the most secure solution on the market today, we’re also PCI compliant.  Our PCI compliance gives us the ability to collect fees without redirecting to third party gateways.  We’re simply the only solution can offer you bank level security out of the box.

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