21 Sep

Development News

You’ve asked for new features and we’ve been listening.  During the last several months we’ve been working hard to implement many new feature requests and improve system wide performance.  Here’s a short list of some of the improvements that have recently been added.

  • Workflows
    • Added functionality to attach administrative forms to the following workflow events
      • On Review Approved
      • On Review Declined
      • On Review Waived
    • You can now set the review cycle due date as a required field.
    • You can now set a default review cycle due date N workdays from the date that it’s assigned.
    • Added the ability to copy workflow forms from one workflow to another.
    • You can now customize the default email text to the applicant on the following workflow events
      • On Initial Submittal
      • On Resubmittal
  • Applications
    • Added the ability to customize the application agreement text that is required to be checked off before submitting an application.
    • Added a published column to easily identify those application types that are available to the publis vs those that are still in testing.
  • Project Stages
    • You can now drag and drop stages in order to change the sort order.
    • You can now configure stages to send a reminder email to the project administrator N hours before they’re flagged as late.
    • Stage date history is now recorded for the life of the project.
  • Performance
    • Plan review overview views have been optimized for better performance.
    • Project search feature has been optimized for better performance.
    • Site and custom document logos are now responsive.
    • Improved performance when creating system generated pdf files.
    • Implemented an email queue service to improve performance when sending emails.
  • Fees
    • Added a new length function for more flexibility when assessing fees.
    • Updated fee help text with more formula examples.
  • Integrations
    • Added authorize.net integration.
    • Added Fire RMS integration.
  • Documents
    • Added the ability to merge PDF files from the user interface.
    • Added Bluebeam batch stamp functionality from within the user interface.

We hope that you find these new additions useful and we’re working hard on another batch of upcoming improvements including:

  • Better adobe commenting support when saving out of Bluebeam.
  • Better organization of issues when creating markups in Bluebeam.
  • Bulk Parcel/Address entry and validation.
  • Customizing default emails sent from the new inspections system.
  • Asynchronously adding/removing planholders.
  • & lots more!

We thank you for your continued support and please keep the great suggestions coming!