Citizen Access Portal

The idtPlans Citizen Access Portal provides an easy to use centralized hub where applicants can perform a variety of self-service tasks around the clock.  Using the Portal, applicants fill out their selected application and submit supporting plans and documents, pay fees, schedule conferences and much more.  Automatic emails and a progress dashboard empower citizens to monitor project progress and view estimated completion dates at a glance.  All activity and history are located in one place and applicants can even invite others to participate in collaborating on larger projects.

Citizen Access Portal - Making Technology Accessible

Applicants have their own view of every project that they have submitted, and can manage new projects, resubmittals, revisions, and amendments in one central location.

Applicants work at their own pace and have accessibility even from remote locations.  Need to include your project team? Applicants can invite others to submit their portion of the documents and respond to comments that lie in their area of responsibility with just a simple click.

Automatically notify Applicants when key milestones are reached and reduce phone calls regarding project status and expected due dates.

Portals with e-commerce enabled utilize customized fee formulas to automatically notify applicants of the appropriate fees due at any point int he submittal or review process. In turn, applicants have the ability to pay online via credit card or e-check, or offline.

Create comment letters with a single click! Each comment provides information regarding the author, discipline, and even the page where the comment was made in the plan set (provided via hyperlink). Upon resubmittal, applicants provide comment responses; streamlining communications, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Using idtPlans’ custom form builder, applicants move through the application that matches their project type. Dynamic questions activate and deactivate certain sections of the application, ensuring the appropriate data is collected every time.

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