14 Sep 2019
22 Aug 2019
15 Jul 2019

Release 1907.1401


  • Add option to close project – waives associated requirements and removes it from the overview.
  • Reorganize inspection listing to group by permit and show status information.



  • Add option to close permit – waives associated requirements and prevent further activity.
  • Add “close” permit event and options for email notifications.



  • Bug fixes and Interface improvements
10 Jul 2019

Release 1907.1001


  • Add general inspection settings with inspections specific support email address, permit matching requirements, etc.
  • Add inspection detail page
  • Auto add a new project inspection requirement when inspection is failed.
  • Require permit number entry with a matching permit number requirement depending on inspection setting.
  • Require registered user to submit an inspection request and disable batch requests.
  • Add jurisdiction selection when no matching permit number is required.
  • Filter available inspection types based on jurisdiction, permit, and project requirements.
  • Automatically link inspections to projects based on matching permit number.  When no matching permit number is required, a project is automatically generated so future requests have a matching permit record.
  • Change options for requesting additional inspections on the confirmation page.
  • Mark pending inspection as a re-inspection when applicable.

Re-Inspection Options (On Inspection Complete – FAIL)

  • Add option to define re-inspection fees.
  • Add option to waive re-inspection fees on inspection completion or from the project inspection listing – only shown if re-inspection fees are defined on the applicable inspection type.
  • Add option to prevent scheduling re-inspections for a given time span from the completion date of the last failed inspection.
  • Add option to auto copy previous checklist and comments.
  • Add option to auto assign previous inspector.


  • Add permission for Permit Stop/Resume actions.
  • Multiple permit types can now use the same sequence.


  • Display jurisdiction in project summary.
  • General UI improvements.
07 Jun 2019

Release 1906.0701

Activity Logging

  • Record project activity when individual review resulted or re-opened.

Project Page

  • Remove administrative project info section and always show Project ID under project name.
  • Show message when project is inactive and display link to restore with applicable permissions.
05 Jun 2019

Feature Release 1906.0501

  • Allow creation of multiple new copies of inspection types.
  • Display category in inspection type copy selection list for source and target, when available.
  • Display number of associated types for a category in the “Manage Categories” screen and link list of inspection types.

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