18 May 2015

May 18th 2015 Development Update

This week, some minor fixes, and a new feature to embed images into comments without having to upload files.

  • Fixed a bug where project county wasn’t always pre-populating correctly.
  • Projects without a bid date now show a bid date of ‘-‘ instead of ‘ASAP’.
  • Added mime type support for bluebeam file types.
  • Fixed a display issue in safari where a hidden form field would sometimes display at the bottom of the project documents.
  • Added alternating row striping to review cycle disciplines.
  • Added a new feature to insert inline images into comments without uploading.
  • Fixed an issue with data URI’s when embeding an image into a comment.
  • Added styles for responsive images in IE.
14 May 2015

SQL Server maintenance event notification

On November 11th, 2014, Microsoft issued a security bulletin describing an issue in the software that handles secure network communications that can allow remote code execution on the affected hosts.  For more details see https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/ms14-066.  idtPlans was not affected by this vulnerability since we do not use open security groups.  However in order to bring the database up to the proper patch level we will be updating.  This patch will occur during the maintenance window starting Friday May 22nd at 4:00AM Central Standard Time.  The website will be unavailable for during this time for up to 20 minutes.



04 May 2015

May 4th 2015 Development Update

This week we made several small hotfixes to the system

  • Searching for projects via the navigation bar search is fixed.  Selecting a project from the auto-suggest feature now takes you directly to the project page instead of the advanced search page.
  • There was a bug where you couldn’t enter a project tracking number until after a project was created.  This has been fixed.
  • Activity tracking has been added to the project activation and deactivation functions.  We can now tell who deactivated or reactivated a project and when.
  • Applicants can now deactivate their own projects that have been submitted for plan review as long as those projects have not yet been accepted for review.  This will allow applicants to self remove any duplicate submittals.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when copying workflows.
  • Increased the timeout for the process that creates PDF documents.  This resolves an issue that could occur when creating a large PDF checklist.

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