Automatically route submittals, markup and measure drawings, create comment letters with one click, and much more.  idtPlans Review empowers users to work more effectively and automate many routine tasks.

Track permits from start to finish.  All information is collected electronically and available in searchable format.  Create custom ad-hoc reports or use our standard report suite.

Schedule inspections online.  Fully mobile inspection suite works with all modern mobile devices.  Work online or work offline and sync your device when in WIFI range.

Empower citizens with the ability to submit applications, pay fees, schedule inspections, and check project status 24×7.

Publish capital improvement and invite community comments.  Advertise procurement projects to multiple bid services with one click.  Project distribution has never been easier.

Documents and data are automatically archived to multiple data centers and backed up nightly.  Files and project information is searchable by keyword, location, tracking id, and more.

No agency is too big or too small.

idtPlans has the most powerful solutions available with pricing models to fit every need.

Why idtPlans?

When it comes to service and support, idtPlans truly stands alone. We provide unlimited support to administrators, reviewers, and applicants alike. Our world class support is what ensures your success. Simply put: When you look good, we look good.

We developed the worlds first electronic plan review system for municipalities over 15 years ago and have been evolving and improving ever since.  When it comes to experience, guidance, and recommendations for best practices, idtPlans is the clear choice.

At idtPlans we know that every agency has their own unique challenges and processes, that’s why we’re dedicated to providing a flexible and open architecture.  While other solutions try to fit you into their one-size-fits-all model, we work to adapt our solutions to your unique workflow.  We’re also the only solution that can offer you multiple viewer choices and the widest array of configuration options.

Our SaaS model ensures that our goals are aligned, our success is dependant on that of our clients.  It also allows us to develop, configure, deploy, support, and maintain our solutions better and faster than traditional self hosted systems.  With free quarterly system updates, and weekly patches there is no software to upgrade and new features become available seamlessly.

Our system infrastructure is backed by Amazon Web Service’s rock solid hosting technology and data centers. Elastic load balancing, redundant databases, multiple availability zones, and automatic backups ensure that your data is secure, reliable, and readily available.

Integration isn’t our middle name, it’s our first.  We’ve been integrating custom solutions and legacy software for over 15 years.  Our flexible approach to software allows us to adapt to your unique needs.  From financial packages, to GIS systems, to 3rd party archival solutions we’ve got you covered.

idtPlans is not only the most secure solution on the market today, we’re also PCI compliant.  Our PCI compliance gives us the ability to collect fees without redirecting to third party gateways.  We’re simply the only solution that can offer you bank level security out of the box.

With our responsive web design, all idtPlans solutions come optimized for mobile devices including iPads and iPhones.  Vector graphics optimized for retinal displays, mobile menus, and responsive images all work together to provide for a superior user experience on any device.

In today’s fast paced world of technology, one thing remains constant:

No two agencies are alike, each has it’s own set of unique challenges, custom processes, requirements, and existing software.

idtPlans is not your average one-size-fits-all software vendor. We work along side of you as your consultant and partner to understand your workflow and customize our comprehensive suite of solutions to fit your needs.  Our SaaS model ensures that our goals are aligned, our success is dependent on that of our clients.

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